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So, let's learn how to write it properly ...

Every time you need to write a school essay, you will get an initial text. This initial text is accompanied by brief instructions on how to write an essay and a guide.

Before you start writing, you must write a concept . The concept is a kind of outline of what the essay should look like. You can write full sentences on the concept, you can write prompts, it doesn't matter.The smartest way is to write prompts, which you can find in time4writing review. I always advise students to answer all the prompts on the concept sheet and formulate what will go into the introduction, what will go into the center section, and what will go into the conclusion. Since the introduction and conclusion are always the most difficult for them, I advise them to fully frame these two parts into a concept. So these are the only two parts that are written about the concept in complete sentences. There's no point in writing the central part in full and in detail - there's an essay for that. The concept should only serve as an aid to writing the essay itself.

What does it mean to get instructions ? So he usually writes you something like, "Create your school essay as a whole with an introduction, elaboration, and conclusion. Make sure your essay is written correctly and grammatically correct. You should include all of the guidelines in your school essay. The suggested guideline order does not require you to develop a school essay. The essay should be 400 words (+/- 10%). You must include at least three quotes or paraphrases in your essay ".

Does that sound strange? I hope not.

I think you understand everything, except maybe the instructions section in ultius reviews. In short, the guidelines are the kind of questions you get with an essay, and they usually ask you to put the work in context-the author, the literary period. They also require that you know the text at the content level. For example. explain the problems of the text, analyze the characters, explain the relationship of something. It is important to note that this section will mix facts (knowledge of the text) and your own opinion (you will need to address a problem in the text at some point). As stated above, the order of the guidelines does not bind you when writing an essay. This, in turn, means that you do not need to respond to the guidelines in the order in which they are set. Yes, everything needs to be answered, but no, in no way should it look like a classic answer to questions.

What does that mean?

Answering the guidelines should stick to the problem of the text, and the guidelines are only meant to help you understand the issue in detail. An essay is not an answer to questions; an essay is a problematization and discussion.

And at the end of this part, just to emphasize - the source text is usually an excerpt from a book that you have already read, for example, to read.

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